EDIT415: Leadership in Educational Technology

Unit Description

Digital technologies have become an integral part of teaching, training, management and administration in school based environments. This unit is designed for in-service or pre-service teachers, school ICT coordinators, and educational leaders who have some background in applying digital technologies in education and wish to increase their knowledge and skills to become effective leaders and facilitators in digital learning. Studying this unit, you will explore strategies for implementing and managing digital technologies in school-based environments, as well as issues that may arise. You will build the skills to analyse a range of digital technologies for teaching, training, management or administrative purposes, and hone your leadership skills to advise colleagues on applying and managing digital technologies.

Learning Objectives (Official)

At the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. develop strategies for the implementation of digital technologies in school-based settings;
  2. prepare a plan for the utilisation or management of digital resources in school-based settings;
  3. use a range of digital technologies for teaching, training, management or administrative purposes; and
  4. demonstrate a leadership approach in advising colleagues on aspects of the application and management of digital technologies.

Human-readable Learning Objectives (Unofficial)

At the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Explore and evaluate learning technology hardware and software for a variety of workplaces, purposes, and locations
  2. Develop a plan implementation and learning technology adoption
  3. Provide leadership in the use of learning technology in your context
  4. Teach others and provide leadership in areas related to emerging trends and issues within the field of educational technology (include considerations in emerging trends)

What will I be doing?

Project (60%)

Your Project makes up the majority of your mark, and is iterative, meaning you’ll work on it as you progress through the unit, then revise it after our Assessment and Intensive Period.

Collaborative Activities (25%)

Collaborative activities can come in the form of discussions, collaborative activities and other tasks. Instructions for completion are housed in each section of the unit.

Formative Activities (15%)

Formative Activities will cover everything in the readings. You have a few options for what you can complete, from a quiz, to the creation of learning materials for future students.

Project Overview

Technology Implementation Plan

The head of your organisation is really wanting to push the envelope in terms of technology use including integration of tech and online learning.  They charge you with the implementation and adoption of technology to transform teaching and learning.

There are two levels you can approach this project.

  1. High level, organisational management side, including the adoption of specific technology on a broad scale. (Organisational Leadership role)
  2. The grass-roots adoption of a specific technology and associated educational practices amongst you and your colleagues. (Instructional Leader role)

Either way, you’re in charge.