EDIT426: Introduction to Learning with Technology

Offered in T1, T2. and T3.

Unit Description

Digital tools are becoming indispensable in the modern classroom for creating engaging, challenging and inspiring learning environments. Studying this unit, you will explore digital learning essentials from theories and concepts to implementation methods and strategies. You will analyse approaches to designing and implementing digital learning in education, training and workplace settings. You will also examine organisational change in incorporating digital tools into learning environments and evaluate the ways in which digital tools can be applied to meet learners’ needs.

Learning Objectives (Official)

At the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. apply specialist knowledge to analyse learning needs to plan a digital learning strategy;
  2. evaluate a learning context by analysing learner needs and how these may be met through the use of digital tools;
  3. use autonomy and independent judgement to design learning and teaching strategies that use digital tools, based on relevant theories, concepts and methods; and
  4. critically discuss the impact of issues that arise when implementing strategies that use digital tools.

Human-readable Learning Objectives (Unofficial)

At the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Reflect on how learner needs affects how they learn with technology
  2. Evaluate your own teaching and learning context and select an appropriate method of technology integration and implementation
  3. Explore Educational Technologies and reflect on your experience
  4. Provide alternate solutions to existing learning experiences in your context, considering any issues that may arise

What will I be doing?

Project (60%)

Your Project makes up the majority of your mark, and is iterative, meaning you’ll work on it as you progress through the unit, then revise it after our Assessment and Intensive Period.

Collaborative Activities (25%)

Collaborative activities can come in the form of discussions, collaborative activities and other tasks. Instructions for completion are housed in each section of the unit.

Formative Activities (15%)

Formative Activities will cover everything in the readings. You have a few options for what you can complete, from a quiz, to the creation of learning materials for future students.

Project Overview

Learning Experience Remix

Your boss wants you to redesign one of your existing lessons using principles of online / digital learning, then share the experience with your peers, so they can learn how you did it.

Time to devote to this project: 15 hours for every 2-week section of this unit

NOTE: What you create for this project may be built upon in other EDIT units, so make sure you retain access to what you’ve created.