EDIT517: Developing Learning Communities in Online Spaces

Unit Description

Educational environments can be greatly enhanced by the creation of online learning communities. In this unit you will examine the theoretical and practical aspects of online learning communities and explore the skills necessary to plan, establish, maintain, and evaluate an online learning community. Not only will you hone your skills by studying this unit with UNE, you will also gain first-hand experience as a member of a vibrant online learning community. At UNE, we are industry leaders in providing online education.

Learning Objectives (Official)

At the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an integrated understanding of online learning communities based on relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks;
  2. use a high level of judgement to identify issues associated with both current and emerging technologies as they relate to initiating and maintaining online learning communities;
  3. demonstrate coherent theoretical knowledge of the models, tools and issues, necessary for planning an online learning community; and
  4. critically evaluate the pedagogical and technical aspects of an online learning community based on theoretical underpinnings.

Human-readable Learning Objectives (Unofficial)

At the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Critique existing models of online learning communities and tools
  2. Explore different learning communities and reflect on their diverse purpose and value
  3. Develop Skills as an online community facilitator
  4. Develop a plan for facilitating and growing an online community in your workplace or educational setting

What will I be doing?

Project (60%)

Your Project makes up the majority of your mark, and is iterative, meaning you’ll work on it as you progress through the unit, then revise it after our Assessment and Intensive Period.

Collaborative Activities (25%)

Collaborative activities can come in the form of discussions, collaborative activities and other tasks. Instructions for completion are housed in each section of the unit.

Formative Activities (15%)

Formative Activities will cover everything in the readings. You have a few options for what you can complete, from a quiz, to the creation of learning materials for future students.

Project Overview

Community-Driven Learning Model

The head of your organisation has noticed that online learning is not very community-driven. They have tasked you with conducting some research and then presenting a Model for designing learning experiences built from the ground up to to foster and sustain community amongst the learners.

Time to devote to this project: 15 hours for every 2-week section of this unit

Note: Feel free to use other lessons or learning experiences you’ve designed or created for other EDIT units.